HRI Bands of Excellence

HRI Bands of Excellence

The Smartest Students Meet At and are eligible upon invitation to participate in the various Bands of Excellence within SchoolGenes. Membership in a Band of Excellence can only be accomplished by invitation. Indivuduals interested in belonging to a Band of Excellence should become a member of this General Band of Excellence Group and complete their Profile and Portolio on SchoolGenes paying special attention to include their accomplishments in the particular field or discipline that relates to the Bands of Excellence they are interested in.

Hannaian Band of Excellence Awards (HBEA)

Hannaian Band of Excellence Awards (HBEA) are college scholarship awards based on scholastic excellence and community service achievements.

Members of HRI Bands of Excellence serve as the committee to select by majority vote recipients of The Hannaian Band of Excellence Award (HBEA)

The awards are funded and supported by a coalition of the Hannaian Research Foundation and its Industry partners. The actual amount of the awards will be determined by the contributions of the members of the coalition at the time of the HBEA annual announcement. Ten (10) HBEAs will be awarded annually. The Awards will be announced by July 15th each year.

Applicants for the HBE Awards will also be considered for other scholarship awards that may be administered by, or affiliated with the Hannaian Research Institute (HRI), The Hannaian Research Foundation (HRF), or the administration.

Requirements for HBEA Applicants:

  1. Complete all application requirements by the first day of June.
  2. Submit an email to, and in less than 150 words state your desire to apply for an HBEA and why you think you should recieve an award.
  3. Register on, and complete the profile and portfolio sections highlighting your accomplishments. Your Profile type should be setup as "HBEA Applicant".
  4. Join the Hannaian Band of Excellence Awards (HBEA) Group on SchoolGenes to follow and participate in HBEA discussions, notices, activities, and updated information.
  5. Submit by email to, scanned copies of High School and/or College transcripts.
  6. Submit one letter of recommendation on your academic achievements.
  7. Submit one letter of recommendation on your community service achievements.