Course/Group membership

  • Hannaian Open University (HOU)

    Hannaian Open University (HOU)

    Teach Your Class Online, It's Free! Hannaian Open University (HOU) allows any teacher, institution, organization, school, church, corporation or other entity to utilize the SchoolGenes platform and facilities to deliver their course, mini-course, class, presentation, or training program online to a group of students or audience. In other words, anyone can have their own online classroom on under Hannaian Open University.
  • The Faculty Speak

    The Faculty Speak

    The Faculty Speaks is a special group where faculty members at any academic institution can utilize the various sections of the group to discuss and explore educational topics and interests.
  • The Hannaian Research Institute & Online Academic Programs

    The Hannaian Research Institute & Online Academic Programs

    A special area of focus in intellectual property development is the Hannaian Research Institute's Online Course Development System (OCDS), which develops and licenses specialized online courses to educational institutions and colleges. HRI has developed proprietary state of the art technology and its online education delivery platform, which it also licenses to teaching institutions needing to deliver their courses online.
  • COURSE: Vision & Learning

    COURSE: Vision & Learning

    The course is specifically targeted to education and pyschology professionals and students. Professionals and students in the fields of education and psychology will have access to some of the top experts in the area of vision and learning including reading and special education instruction and specialists.
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