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  • The Faculty Speak

    The Faculty Speak

    The Faculty Speaks is a special group where faculty members at any academic institution can utilize the various sections of the group to discuss and explore educational topics and interests.
  • Students Speak

    Students Speak

    Students can use the Students Speak Group to post, discuss or explore any educational issues or interests. Students can also use their individual platform to build their own sites, blogs or exhibit any other information including photos and videos.
  • COURSE: Vision & Learning

    COURSE: Vision & Learning

    The course is specifically targeted to education and pyschology professionals and students. Professionals and students in the fields of education and psychology will have access to some of the top experts in the area of vision and learning including reading and special education instruction and specialists.
  • Issues In Education

    Issues In Education

    Issues In Education: You may use the facilities of the SchoolGenes Hub as an Individual or Group Platform utilizing the various sections either as an individual or to create Groups which showcase your activity, and/or your School's activities. In addition, you may use this special "Issues In Education Group" to interact with other users of SchoolGenes about any Educational issue you desire.
  • The Hannaian Research Institute & Online Academic Programs

    The Hannaian Research Institute & Online Academic Programs

    A special area of focus in intellectual property development is the Hannaian Research Institute's Online Course Development System (OCDS), which develops and licenses specialized online courses to educational institutions and colleges. HRI has developed proprietary state of the art technology and its online education delivery platform, which it also licenses to teaching institutions needing to deliver their courses online.
  • COURSE - Inside the Black Arts Movement and 2nd Harlem Renaissance

    COURSE - Inside the Black Arts Movement and 2nd Harlem Renaissance

    This Course explores the Black Arts Movement, sometimes called the Second Harlem Renaissance, with unique insights from an insider's view of the early Movement. Dr. Vertamae Grosvenor course instrutor and a resident of the East Village and Harlem during the period, participated in the Movement and interacted with many of the most notable personalities of the Era. Dr. Grosvenor and Dr. Helen Bartlett-Hanna reveal a comphrehensive, historical, and previously uncharted and untold view of the Black Arts Movement in the United States.