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The Smartest Students Meet At is a meeting place and forum for innovators in education, sharing ideas and strategies to improve education productivity and delivery. It is also the Course Development Portal & Online Teaching Center of the Hannaian Research Institute (HRI). See more about HRI and Online Academic Programs. is also a general resource center for academic course development and provides college administrators, faculty and students from any institution an interactive meeting place to compare & discuss, access, and resolve, academic policy, legal and other issues.

As a specially designed HRI Education Resource Center, Internet Hub and community network site, is a totally free and unique service to the academic and corporate training communities. It allows school administrations, faculty, students, school news personnel, school organizations, corporations, businesses and their leaders to create your own self controlled special interactive web space to showcase your programs, organization, news, accomplishments, interests  and issues.

Hannaian Open University (HOU)

Teach Your Class Online, It's Free!  Hannaian Open University (HOU) allows any teacher, institution, organization, school, church, corporation or other entity to utilize the SchoolGenes platform and facilities to deliver their course, mini-course, class, presentation, or training program online to a group of students or audience. The Platform and Teaching Portal allows anyone to have their own online classroom on under Hannaian Open University. HOU is the Hannaian Research Institute's commitment to promoting education and learning in recognition of the United Nations campaign for International Technology Transfer designed to assist developing communities and countries. Parties utilizing the Hannaian Open University may utilize the full facilities of free of charge so long as they follow the applicable HOU terms and guidelines.