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Police identify man filmed in racist rant on Ryanair flight

A passenger who was filmed racially abusing an elderly woman on a European flight has been identified, UK police have said.

Posted on 23 October 2018 | 12:13 pm

Cruise ship spills thousands of liters of waste in Great Barrier Reef

A cruise ship spilled thousands of gallons of liquid food waste in the Great Barrier Reef in August, according to an ongoing investigation by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority -- potentially damaging a reef already plagued by pollution and coral bleaching.

Posted on 23 October 2018 | 2:18 pm

World's longest sea-crossing bridge officially opened

Chinese President Xi Jinping officially opened the world's longest sea-crossing bridge Tuesday at a ceremony in the southern city of Zhuhai.

Posted on 23 October 2018 | 6:49 am

Migrants wake, walk and reject Trump's Twitter attacks

The migrants are hundreds of miles from the United States border but they are already coming under fire from President Donald Trump at rallies and in tweets.

Posted on 23 October 2018 | 6:02 am

Welcome to Trump's midterm campaign of fear

Donald Trump is waging one of the most inflammatory closing arguments of any modern campaign, lacing his midterm rhetoric with easily disprovable claims that are building on the fact-challenged foundation of his presidency.

Posted on 23 October 2018 | 1:10 pm

EU rejects Italy's draft budget in unprecedented move

The European Commission rejected Italy's draft budget Tuesday, the first time the European Union executive has thrown out a government's spending plans since the single currency was introduced nearly 20 years ago.

Posted on 23 October 2018 | 12:18 pm

Retired US Justice Sandra O'Connor diagnosed with dementia

Retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor revealed in a letter on Tuesday that she has been diagnosed with the "beginning stages of dementia, probably Alzheimer's disease."

Posted on 23 October 2018 | 3:49 pm

Sinkhole leads to discovery of massive cave

Climbers were studying a sinkhole when they realized one of the largest cave halls in the world was beneath them.

Posted on 23 October 2018 | 1:51 pm

UN: France's niqab ban violates human rights

France's niqab ban violates the human rights of Muslim women and risks "confining them to their homes," the United Nations Human Rights Committee said Tuesday.

Posted on 23 October 2018 | 11:37 am

'Trump says it's OK,' says man accused of groping airline passenger

A Florida man accused of groping a passenger on Southwest Airlines told an FBI agent after his arrest that the "President of the United States says it's OK to grab women by their private parts," according to a criminal complaint.

Posted on 23 October 2018 | 2:56 pm

Far-right leader's case elevated to UK attorney general

An allegation of contempt of court against the British anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson has been sent to the country's attorney general, the Press Association reported.

Posted on 23 October 2018 | 11:05 am

Titanic II could sail as soon as 2022

If you thought the long-delayed project to launch a full-size replica of the ill-fated RMS Titanic was sunk in the water -- think again.

Posted on 23 October 2018 | 11:19 am

Palestinian authorities routinely 'arrest and torture' critics: report

Palestinian authorities in the West Bank and Gaza have engaged in a systematic crackdown on dissent, including the use of torture that may amount to a crime against humanity, according to a new report from Human Rights Watch.

Posted on 23 October 2018 | 3:09 pm