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Fauci was asked if he feels 'free' under Biden. Hear his response

During a White House press briefing, Dr. Anthony Fauci told reporters that he feels liberated to speak freely and honestly about the coronavirus pandemic and the science behind it under the Biden administration.

Posted on 21 January 2021 | 5:26 pm

Feds briefed Biden's interim DOJ leaders on Capitol attack probe

Federal investigators leading the probe into the January 6 Capitol riot briefed interim Biden administration leaders at the Justice Department on Wednesday -- their first day on the job -- as the sprawling nationwide hunt for suspects continues, an official briefed on the matter said.

Posted on 21 January 2021 | 8:55 pm

Biden's DOJ must confront what to with outstanding cases in which it is defending Trump. The first test could come Friday.

As the Biden administration begins to take shape, one key question President Joe Biden's Justice Department must confront is whether to continue defending Donald Trump, who relied on Department of Justice lawyers to fight some of his personal battles.

Posted on 21 January 2021 | 9:11 pm

Biden wants to remove this controversial word from US laws

It's just one small part of the sweeping immigration overhaul President Biden is pushing.

Posted on 21 January 2021 | 2:13 pm

Biden intends to keep FBI director in his post, official says

President Joe Biden intends to keep FBI Director Christopher Wray in his post, a senior administration official tells CNN, a sign of confidence for the bureau's leader who has more than six years remaining in his term.

Posted on 21 January 2021 | 1:24 pm

Army changes account of key phone call on response to Capitol riot

The US Army has changed its account of a key phone call that took place on January 6 as rioters stormed the US Capitol. More than two weeks after the riot, the Army put forward two senior generals to speak with reporters Thursday to explain their roles on that afternoon after conflicting accounts of what took place circulated.

Posted on 21 January 2021 | 9:02 pm

Construction of Trump's border wall halted for review of Biden order

The Defense Department will pause construction of the wall along the US-Mexico border as it reviews President Joe Biden's executive order calling for construction to grind to a halt.

Posted on 21 January 2021 | 4:45 pm

'Go back to where you came from': Cricket fan details allegations of racial abuse by staff and supporters

Krishna Kumar had long dreamed of watching the Indian cricket team play in Australia. But when that dream materialized at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) earlier this month, the experience, he says, was belittling.

Posted on 21 January 2021 | 8:59 pm

Biden removes Churchill bust from Oval Office

It had once been a transatlantic art scandal -- or at least various actors of questionable intent would have you believe it was.

Posted on 21 January 2021 | 4:21 pm

Here's how Biden's Oval Office compares to Trump's

CNN's Brianna Keilar looks at how the decor President Biden chose for the Oval Office differs from Trump's.

Posted on 21 January 2021 | 2:27 pm

'It's really hard to explain': See GOP lawmaker's flip on riot

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said that former President Donald Trump did not incite the riot at the Capitol earlier this month, contradicting previous comments he made that the President did bear some responsibility for the assault.

Posted on 21 January 2021 | 2:59 pm

McConnell wants to delay Trump's impeachment trial

The timing of former President Donald Trump's Senate impeachment trial is still unsettled while Senate leaders haggle over how a power-sharing agreement will govern a 50-50 Senate.

Posted on 21 January 2021 | 6:34 pm

Seven Senate Democrats request ethics probe into Cruz and Hawley over Capitol riot

Seven Senate Democrats filed an ethics complaint on Thursday against Republican Sens. Josh Hawley of Missouri and Ted Cruz of Texas and called for the Ethics Committee to investigate how their objections to the Electoral College votes on January 6 may have contributed to inciting the violent Capitol insurrection.

Posted on 21 January 2021 | 9:17 pm